Water Levels for Big Bear Lake

Mallard Bay January 2018

With the low lake level and the lack of precipitation, I thought it would be good to give you a quick update.  I’ve been hearing a lot of inaccurate comments about our lake.  Things like….”it hasn’t been this bad since the 1960’s!” (not true).  It doesn’t look good right now but we’ve been here before and the lake will come back.  It might take longer than we would like but it will fill up.

We’re currently 14′ 10″ from being full according to the the Big Bear Municipal Water District.    In 2004, we were 17′ from being full.  The following year the lake completely filled up.  In 1992, the lake was down 13′ and completely filled up in 1993.  So, while it is a little depressing to see we must realize that the lake level fluctuates from year to year based on the amount of precipitation we get and some years are going to be better than others.

You can go on the MWD’s website and view the lake level as well as the monthly precipitation measurements.  Below is an example of the chart they provide to the public.  Going all the way back to 1884, on average February is the wettest month of the year (7.40), followed by January (7.07) and March (6.20).  So let’s hope for a wet February!



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