Return of Big Bear Fishing Tradition

Return of Big Bear Fishing Tradition by Big Bear Grizzly

Aaron Armstrong saw a need in 2016 and Big Bear anglers answered the call.  The Big Bear Lake Fishing Association was reborn and after a lengthy hiatus to help promote and revive fishing in Big Bear Lake.

“We feel it’s pretty important to bring the fishery back tot he way it was,” says John Cantrell, Big Bear Lake Fishing Association president.

The Big Bear Lake Fishing Association is focused on improving, maintaining and growing the sport of fishing on Big Bear Lake.  The organization is seeking interested members.  The next meeting of the association is 5:30pm Wednesday, March 15, at Denny’s Restaurant, 41196 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake.

Cantrell says the group will also bring back the Shoreline Cleanup event firmly run by Alan Sharp.  The Shoreline Cleanup is set for May 6 and 7.

“We have 40 members right now,” Cantrell says.  There is also a membership option called Tagged Fish Members Program.  So far there are 19 individual and business Tagged Fish members.  Prizes and tag fish numbers and winners will be posted on the association’s website throughout the season.

Membership fees and donations help make an impact on the lake with fish plants of fertile fish, which will reproduce and provide fish for years to come, Cantrell says.

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